Make My Ex Miss Me

What Are The Best Ways to Make My Ex Miss Me?

Getting your ex to miss you... it absolutely has to happen if you want them back.

But hey, didn't they just break up with you? How could your boyfriend or girlfriend possibly miss you if they just got finished telling you to go away?

Ways to Make Ex Miss You

Well to be honest, they cant. Right now.

But in the near future? Not only are there ways to make your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend start missing you, but there are also some fast adjustments you can make that will have them actually desiring you again. And in very little time.

See, your ex can miss you in two different ways:

  • They can miss the OLD you. The person who dated them. The relationship they once had with you, back when it was good. Back when everything was rainbows and unicorns and great memories and awesome sex, and no matter how often you saw each other, you and your partner were never satisified because it was never enough.
  • But your ex can also miss the NEW you. The person you've become after the breakup. The cool, confident, independent, happening, socially active and always smiling really awesome person they let go for some stupid reason. And when they see this great new person? That's when they'll start instantly slapping themselves in the forehead for breaking up with you in the first place.

So yeah, both of these YOU'S are important. The first one is something your ex won't see right away, because they haven't had the time to miss you just yet. But once they do miss you? You'll employ these emotional bonding techinques to draw them even closer to you than ever before.

The first YOU has to chill for now. But that second YOU? That's the YOU you can start working on right away. The YOU that's going to make your ex jealous as hell, to the point where they're kicking themselves for dumping you, and looking for ways they can come crawling back in your direction.

Making Your Ex Jealous So They Miss You

Love is the most powerful human emotion. The second? Jealousy.

Think all that stuff I talked about above sounds pretty sensationalized? That's because you haven't tried any of it yet. You've been too busy moping around feeling sorry for yourself and rehearsing "get back together" speeches in your head that your ex boyfriend or girlfriend really doesn't want to hear.

The NEW YOU can't happen just yet, because you won't let that person be born. You're so fixated on saving the relationship you lost, you don't realize the new relationship you WILL HAVE is going to kick ten times more ass.

Fix My Breakup

You need to understand something, and understand it right now:

Your ex won't take you back out of pity.

They won't take you back out of spite, out of obligation, out of guilt, or blackmail, or any of the desperate lame-ass bullshit you've been fantasizing about since they first dumped you.

In fact, the only way your ex will take you back is pretty simple:

They have to WANT YOU FIRST.

Because until your ex actually wants, needs, and desires you - just like they did that first time? You're never EVER going to get back together.

So what has to happen? That's simple too. You have to create VALUE.

You have to become someone your ex will want to date again. Someone so awesome it would knock them flat on their ass.

  • NOT that person who fought and argued with them at the end of the relationship.
  • NOT that person who started dressing sloppy, or let themselves physically go.
  • NOT that person who became jealous, or possessive, or told them they couldn't hang out with their friends because it would "take time away" from them.
  • Certainly NOT that person who whined after the breakup, then chased after them by sending a thousand texts and emails while driving past their house or job and stalking them on social media.

See, the absolute BEST thing you can do? Is to re-create that person your boyfriend or girlfriend first fell in love with. The person they couldn't stay away from, or get enough of, or keep their hands off every time they saw you.

While waiting for your ex to miss you, the best thing you can do is improve every aspect of your life. This include diet, exercise, clothing, a haircut... as well as the less physical aspects, such as your attitude too.

Mentally drained? Depressed or down on yourself? None of those qualities are attractive. They may be legitimate problems, but to be brutally honest? They're problems your ex doesn't want to deal with. Problems they don't have to deal with.

To fix your breakup, you need to fix these problems. Whatever you have to do, make them go away. You need to be happy with and by yourself. If you're relying on someone else to make you happy (i.e. "I'm nothing without you..." or "I'm miserable without you...") that's not only bad for you, it's going to make you wholly unattractive as a person in general.

So go out. Do cool things. Laugh. Have fun. See friends. Make friends. Join clubs and get hobbies and stay as busy as you possibly can.

When your ex sees you doing all these things? He or she will be jealous. Why? Because you obviously don't need them. Because your happiness didn't depend on that person, it's completely independant.

And also? Because you're doing all these things WITHOUT THEM. Chances are your ex might've been a bit bored toward the end of the relationship. And if that's the case, they'll be jealously pissed that you've suddenly become exciting in their absence.

Make Your Ex Miss You

And when your former boyfriend or girlfriend gets this news?

It's an ego-bruising wake up call.

It shows them that maybe their happiness was dependant on you, and that you were something OF VALUE to them.

Something they shouldn't have let go in the first place.

Something they might even want back... and if they don't hurry up, you'll be quickly snatched up by someone else.

Jealousy is powerful. It will drive your ex to do things they wouldn't normally do. It will make them pick up the phone and call you, spur of the moment, without even thinking about what they're going to say.

If you can make your boyfriend or girlfriend jealous, you're 3/4 the way to getting them back. This is when they start coming to you, rather than what's already been happening so far: you chasing them.

There are a few other ways to make your ex jealous, so find out what they are. You don't want to overdo the jealousy factor, but it helps to have multiple weapons. What works on some people might not work on others.

What if My Ex and I are Still Texting Each Other?

How can they miss you if you haven't really gone away?

It's hard to miss someone who's still around. And in the case where you and your former lover are still sending texts back and forth, it's damn near impossible.

Text Your Ex Back

If this happens to be the case, make sure you download and check out Text Your Ex Back.

The system is a fantastic guide to reversing your breakup through text messages.

You'll learn what things you might be saying that are forcing your ex to not take you seriously, and other things that may be driving them away.

But more important? You'll learn what to text your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend that will turn them around.

You'll find out what you can say that will MAKE them start seeing you the way they did before. Back when they were still head over heels for you.

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