Why Ex Still Texting

Why Does My Ex Still Me Send Text Messages?

Breaking up is usually only the first step in removing someone from your life. Because just afterwards, dozens or even hundreds of close connections to that person still remain.

Ex Still Texts Me

Facebook, Instagram, Email, Twitter... you've got all kinds of things still keeping you and your ex together. Not to mention the thousands of texts you sent each other over the course of your romance; a relationship unto itself really, complete with highs and lows and photos and everything.

So what does it mean when your ex is still texting you?

Do they still have feelings? Does he or she want you back?

Or could it be that your ex is texting you strictly for innocent reasons, and nothing more?

The whole thing can be hard to figure out, especially if you're the one who got dumped. If your ex broke things off and still texts you on a consistent basis, it leaves you wondering what the hell it all means.

One one hand they broke up with you, so they want you to go away. But on the other, they still want to talk? It doesn't make sense, does it?

This is just one of the many mixed signals an ex will send when they're not sure whether or not they still want to be with you.

Believe it or not this happens quite frequently, when a person isn't 100% sure they should go through with the breakup. Being unsure is the primary reason people get back together again, so if you're looking to reconcile with your former boyfriend or girlfriend, the more doubt you can put in their minds the better.

On top of that, your ex will text you mostly when you come to mind. So if you come to their mind very often, you'll get a lot more in the way of contact.

Another important question: who's initiating the text messages?

Are you always starting them yourself and your ex is only responding? Or is your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend actually the one who gets things going, which would indicate a much stronger overall interest?

Regardless, texting with your ex can be used as a tool to get them back. But only if you know the right things to say.

Texting with your ex can easily destroy your chance to get back together if you're sending them the WRONG messages, and especially, if your texting is so commonplace and frequent that it makes you come off as needy, lonely, or desperate.

Contact From Your Ex - What Does it Mean?

Whenever your ex is still texting you, it always means something

Want to know what it means when your ex is still messaging you? Ask them! And when they give you an answer, it'll be something like this:

"Nothing, really. Just wanted to see what's up."

So, do you believe that? Hopefully not. Because no matter what your ex says when asked why they're still in touch with you, the REAL answer isn't likely to ever leave their lips.

Think about it; if your ex still held some sort of love or feelings for you, would they tell you right now? Would they open up, even after just getting rid of you?

Or would your ex be more likely to lie. To keep up the ruse of "innocent" contact, just so they could keep tabs on you and keep you in their life?

Text-messaging is a habit. And yes, if you dated your boyfriend or girlfriend for any length of time you probably amassed thousands of texts between the two of you. So what's a few more? Does it really matter that you're still talking/texting, in the grand scheme of things?

Yes. Actually it does.

Understand something: if your ex was really DONE with the relationship, and I mean completely and totally finished, they wouldn't still be texting you. In this case they'd stop contact altogether, for fear of giving you false hope or egging you on in trying to 'save' things.

So ANYTIME your ex calls, or texts, or sends you an emogee or smiley face or 'Like's your Instagram post... it's because he or she has a specific agenda.

Your ex could be texting to keep tabs on you. To spy on you. To know what it is that you're doing (or not doing), and to make sure you haven't run off with anybody else.

And while your former boyfriend or girlfriend now has the freedom to do whatever they want (hey, they broke up with you, didn't they?) they're still using text-messages as a way to "keep you around". To string you along, and spark just enough of your interest to keep you from going out and doing whatever you want. Or rather, whatever they don't want you to do.

In short, text-messaging back and forth with you is your ex's safety net. It's a way for them to feel secure that you're not going anywhere. And while you're still available, anytime they want, at the touch of a few fingers? Your ex will never, ever, ever take you back. Because when they have the best of both worlds, they have absolutely zero incentive to reverse the breakup.

Can You Get Your Ex Back With Text Messages?

How to use texting to make your ex want and need you back

Texting is becoming more and more popular. Relationship-wise, it's one of the more prominent ways people communicate.

So if you've broken up, and have little to no contact with your ex? Sometimes you can 'jog' the process of patching things up by texting with your ex.

Text My Ex Back

But... you have to send the RIGHT text messages.

This is where Text Your Ex Back comes into play.

Step by step, this system shows you exactly what you should be saying (or rather, texting) your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. It handles complex issues such as social media, and how to use texting to manipulate your ex's emotional state so that they miss you five times as fast as not doing anything at all.

Remember: there's always a solution to every breakup. A way back, so to speak, that will reverse your ex's current view and put their mind back to where it was when they first fell in love with you.

The only problem? The window of opportunity on that doesn't stay open forever. You have to act fast, and you also have to act correctly... because doing the wrong things can quickly push your ex right out of your life for good.

Dowload Text Your Ex Back HERE, and get started on the right path to fixing your breakup.

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